Fresh and best quality mazafati dates in the united kingdom

Haider foods limited proudly importing best quality mazafati dates in the united kingdom to deliver to its loyal customers since last 6 months. Dates have been a highly nutritious and healthy fruit. There are 14 types of dates and all of them have their own benefits and energy levels. The names are mentioned below.

  1. Medjool Dates

  2. Piarom Dates

  3. Deglet Noor Dates

  4. Mazafati Dates

  5. Barhi Dates

  6. Rabbi Dates

  7. Thoory Dates

  8. Sayer Dates

  9. Dayri Dates

  10. Halawy Dates

  11. Sukkari Dates

  12. Khudri Dates

  13. Zahidi Dates

  14. Safawi Dates

softness. The health benefits are astonishing too. It can treat blocked heart arteries. Perfect for diabetic patients and treats internal infections and inflammation in the body. Boosts up the central nervous system and immunity too. Highly recommended for the ailment of low libido in men's. Contains high amount of calcium for bones deficiency.

Perfect for everyone in the family

These dates can be a perfect meal for everyone in the family and we should be thankful to the nature who provided us this healthy fruit. It is perfect for your kids too and they will love the taste. One can make pudding and sweet dishes too for the kids or even sweet milkshake too. This will not only increase the growth of your kid but it will protect them from the viral and bacterial infections too. Cleans up the intestines too. It is recommended to have around 30 Grams of dates everyday to keep yourself and family members healthy and active.