Red Gold Super Negin Saffron 100% Original

We should be thankful to this beautiful nature for all the wellness and everything which exists in this world. If we talk about the secret health benefits of "RED GOLD" aka Saffron we cannot finish it up. Haider foods limited proudly trades the best healthy spices and dry fruits. Red Gold Super Negin Saffron is another raw food item which we deliver to our loyal customers at a reasonable price. Our motto is simple that everyone should take highest benefits for the food items which we trade.

The Red Gold

Saffron, also called “the red gold” it is the most valuable medicinal food item.

The dried stigmas of the plant Crocus sativus are processed to produce saffron,

a well-known spice which has some other importance in pharmaceuticals, beauty cosmetics, perfumes, and textile It is also beloved in different dishes as it gives lovely aroma, taste, and color.

Super Negin Saffron

The most expensive and rare trim of Saffron.

Super Negin saffron is known not only for being the most potent but also for its aesthetically pleasing features.

Super Negin threads are longer in length and contain no yellow or orange threads.

Three strands of saffron stigma connected together. So, strands of saffron stigma skein,

it seems beauty appearance and more volume. The threads are cut symmetrically and contain no crumbs.

When comparing all the trims of Saffron, Super Negin is the most sought after for those who want the best of the best.

Health benefits of Super Negin Saffron

When it comes to health benefits of super negin saffron anyone can be amazed and learn that how the nature has hidden these secret benefits in it.

It can help prevent the central nervous system disorders. It can elevate the negative mood and helps depressive thoughts too. It is highly effective for the people who are suffering from low sex drive and it can increase the sperm count too. It is highly effective for the womens suffering from pre-mature menstrual cycle and helps recover the hormonal imbalance. It can cut off the excessive body fats too and increase muscle mass proteins. Regulates the immune system and metabolism. Help prevents the heart strokes and maintain a good level of blood pressure.


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